The Philosophy

Motiv Strength and Fitness was founded on the principle that fads create failure and nothing worth having comes easy. A rejection of “flavor-of-the-week” workout trends, Motiv breeds success by employing rock-solid, time-tested and scientifically validated protocols, ensuring that the work you put in leads directly to the results you want.

Expect to train hard.

Expect to sweat.

Expect to improve.

Expect to love it.

Our comprehensive approach to fitness integrates the sciences of movement, nutrition and recovery to create a body that performs in harmony. But we don’t stop there; we go a step beyond the rest of the industry by incorporating Pedagogy (the study of how people learn and how to teach) and Behavior Change Science, meaning you will be instructed using methods that are proven to promote deeper understanding and create lasting lifestyle changes.

A heavy emphasis is also placed on coaching proper form and technique on the fundamental movements of strength. Years of hands-on experience has confirmed that without this solid foundation, progress inevitably stagnates. You will learn to master the barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells and your own bodyweight; these tools represent your road to fitness success, regardless of the destination you choose.

If you’re ready to experience what Motiv is all about, Contact Us to take the next step.