The Coach

Motiv Strength and Fitness is the brainchild of founder and coach Aaron Hultstrand. Far from a gifted athlete, Aaron knows what it’s like to struggle in the realm of fitness. Throughout his high school years the only sport he excelled at was chess. While he made captain of the team and competed at the state championships, needless to say this did little for his physical fitness. After losing an impromptu bench-press competition to a cheerleader in the school weight room, Aaron decided to direct his mental energies toward solving the problem of personal physical development.

Over the years that followed he studied all he could on the topics of exercise, nutrition and movement, and in the process added fifty pounds to his once-feeble frame. Always in search of new challenges, he dabbled in bodyweight fitness and powerlifting before discovering world of competitive Olympic Weightlifting. It was the start of an obsession.

Also an accomplished musician, Aaron made his way to Tucson to study classical guitar at the University of Arizona. Finding a love for the city’s unique charm, he decided to make Tucson his home. With over a decade of experience in private music instruction under his belt, he realized that the teaching and communication skills he’d spent years developing for music could be equally valuable in the world of fitness. Seeing this, Aaron decided to share his expertise and love for fitness with the community, and Motiv Strength and Fitness was born.

As a coach, Aaron’s philosophy is simple; no fads, no nonsense, just tried-and-true training methodologies backed by sound science and presented with patience, clarity and encouragement. Emphasizing proper technique and movement patterns, Aaron draws on his extensive teaching experience to help you understand the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition on a deeper level, which is vital to creating lasting change and progress.

Aaron is a certified Weightlifting and Sports Performance coach through the USA Weightlifting federation, the official governing body of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in the United States. He is also a certified Eleiko Strength Coach through Eleiko Sport, the premier provider of weightlifting equipment worldwide.