Olympic Weightlifting


Our specialty at Motiv Strength and Fitness, the sport of Weightlifting consists of two lifts: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. To be successful, a lifter needs to possess not only exceptional strength and power, but also speed, flexibility and coordination. In recent years the sport has experienced an explosion in popularity, largely thanks to the inclusion of the Olympic lifts in popular Crossfit workouts. However, the extremely technical nature of the lifts often demands more individual instruction than is available in a group class context, and many coaches are under-qualified to teach the lifts properly. Here at Motiv you'll receive expert, one-on-one instruction from a coach certified by the USA Weightlifting federation. Whether you lift for fun or competition, our customized programming and attentive coaching will hone your technique and take your lifting to the next level.


Lift. Recover. Repeat.
Expert USAW Certified Instruction
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